Supported Living

What is supported living?

RA Care Supported Living services provide support for people with learning disabilities to live in the accommodation provided by us. The support can be for just a few hours each week or 24 hours a day.
In Supported Living, people are assisted and encouraged to take control of their own lives and be independent. All our services are catered to each individual person and we make sure that they are at the core of the service we provide. Our aim is to meet their needs and aspirations and help them live life to the best.

Our additional service is Supported Living whereby we are able to provide our service users to live independently in the community with the assistance from our experienced and qualified staff. Staff will usually visit the home to provide motivation, social activities, such as encouragement to get out of bed and go out to college or work, and carry out simple tasks such as shopping, housework, managing medications, helping to pay bills, cooking healthy food and repairs, and provide help with administrative tasks or personal care, if required. When we receive an referral, we always prefer our client’s suggestions in terms of how we should decorate their rooms and we will arrange it accordingly.

Our dedicated and highly skilled team works with the people we support and with their loved ones; in order to understand your lifestyle, needs and preferences.
These are the services we provide:

• Shower and get ready in the morning
• Pay rent and organise your finances, benefits and bills
• Work out relationships and talk through problems
• Make new relationships and friendships
• Take medication, arrange health appointments and learn about healthy lifestyles
• Deal with practical tasks such as cooking, cleaning, laundry and shopping in the way that the service user likes it.
• Alternatively the service user can carry out any task by them self with support being available at all times.

Organise weekly activities and use places in the community such as colleges, cinemas and restaurants to carry out leisure activities
Use public transport and learn new travel routes
Get involved in speaking up groups
Meet with care managers and other professionals
Do things together with your housemates
Develop the person’s everyday living skills, including cooking, cleaning and shopping
Provide support to maintain tenancies, including budgeting, maintaining the homes, understanding and following the terms and conditions of tenancy agreements
Support the person’s independence by enabling them to make their own choices and decisions about life
Help the person access training and employment
Apply for and obtain appropriate benefits

We aim to provide holistic support and services that meet people’s wishes and needs and ensure that they are in control of their lives and be encouraged to live a healthy, safe and independent life.
The people who use our services are encouraged to be involved and to play an active role in everything we do. This includes decisions on how their services are run and takes place in a variety of ways, including:

• The Quality Assurance process
• Independently facilitated Advocacy forums
• Tenants meetings
• Business planning
• The recruitment of staff

We also encourage and enable people to play an active role in their local communities through involvement at Partnership Boards and People First.
RA Care Supported Living service primarily supports adults with learning disabilities aged eighteen and above. The team also provides support to:

• People who are on the autistic spectrum
• People with learning disabilities who also have mental health needs
• People with learning disabilities or sensory impairments
• People with profound and multiple learning disabilities (PMLD).
• We cannot cater for users who require the assistance of an accessibility lift
• Where our supported living home is based

Hoarding Service

What is hoarding?
A hoarding disorder is where someone acquires an excessive number of items and stores them in a chaotic manner. The items can be of little or no monetary value and usually result in unmanageable amounts of clutter.
We specialise in hoarding and cleaning service.
We help in tackling hoarding by providing excellent cleaning service, set small specific goals for our service users, develop a clear system for organising items, Use the OHIO (Only Handle It Once) principle when sorting items, make use of community resources, overcoming our service user’s fears and track their progress.