Our Staff

All our staff are empathetic to each situation and will be respectful of the fact they are entering someone else’s home.

Our well-trained residential care assistants are supervised by managers and provide services based on your individual care plan.

Our faithful carers will make sure you are enjoying as many of our activities and events as possible.

We have experienced carers that can look after all aspects from housekeeping to maintenance, gardening and other general maintenance.

Our carers know how to treat you, remembering the little things that are really important.

Diverse workforce – Our workforce is made up from a combination of experienced and qualified Care Assistants, graduate administration. Thus far, all staff having been DBS certified. These include sector experienced staff, bi-lingual and also tri-lingual staff and those of diverse ethnicities, who can speak in English, Bengali, Hindi, Urdu, Somali, Arabic, Polish, Lithuanian and African.  Reflecting the diversity we are not providing within Tower Hamlets only. We also deliver our service to nearest borough and recruited staff from different boroughs.

Our  cost:
It depends on the Service Users financial estimation from the Council and physical circumstances.

For more information regarding our staff, please Contact details

Our Staff:

Well trained care assistants, personal care, comfortable, daily activities to stimulate body and mind, freshly prepared, nutritionally balanced menu advises on your dishes, laundry and cleaning and more